Week In Review:

Hello all,


Had to replace batteries and work on the lights on the dump truck so we could haul a load of rock down to baths so the crew can work to stabilize the track going onto thr I-5 bridge. Also we got both bolt machines back from the motor shop as niether were running very good and they will be needed for the upcoming big track project. Cliff did his magic with the welder to repair the safety cage for the green forklift, then Pat,Gene and Cliff installed.



 The crew went with Alan and worked on moving ballast from the pile to the track at baths and to put the curve back into the track



Saturday Frank, Heather, Mike, John R, Virginia, Pam,Richard and myself took the 1931 Ford model AA fire truck to Ione Railfest to run it and talk to people about the museum. We ran the truck from the high school out to the highway crossing. Fun was had by all. We also ran our "rail rod" out and back. Got alot of comments about the unique piece of equipment.



Sunday was represented by Heather, John R, Richard and myself. Not as many people as Saturday but fun was had by all. The fire truck ran great all weekend till we were going to load it on the trailer to bring it back to the shop. It would not start, So we loaded it up with the winch and a helpful kettle corn vendor. The fire truck made it back to the shop to go into storage once more.


See you out on the line

Chris, Sandy and Alan