SEPTEMBER 25, 2010
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Bond Street Case Sign

Bond Street Grade Crossing from the west

Bond Street Case being rebuilt

SSRR Marc wishing SSRR had a case like this to rebuild!

ON-Track Safety - Exclusive Track Occupancy

NCRy Signal Engineer Curt deliverying materials

SSRR Dan (center) looking at something with NCRy Arne

Interface with County Flashing Lights on Foothill Road

NCRy Maintainer Arne

NCRy Maintainer James

NCRy Maintainer Dave

NCRy Maintainer Jim

NCRy Maintainer Tom

Front view of Bond Street Case being rewired by James

Bond Street Case surge protection

Photo by Curt - Marc, Dave, James, Dan and Arne

Photo by Curt - Dale and Marc looking very envious!

Photo by Curt - Tom and Jim working in the rear case area

Photo by Curt - Arne and Tom working with James inspecting?

Photo by Curt - Happy Signaleros Tom, Dave, Arne and James admiring their work - Almost complete