APRIL 14, 2009
Note - Click on any small photo to see larger version

On April 14, 2009 Mike the Weed Killer took some members of his Weed Team
on a inspection trip from Cliff's Marina (MP 10.00) to Hood (MP 15.50)
to inspect how effective the weed spraying earlier this year has been.
These photos were taken during that trip.
After the inspection the crew mowed both sides of the track from MP 10.00 north
to MP 9.00 which is at the Marina within Freeport.

This is part of the Stones lakes that parallels the tracks on the east side.

Another view of one of the Stones Lakes system.

Track view looking south about MP 11.50?

Track view looking north about MP 11.50?

Another view at about MP 11.50 looking north.

View looking west about MP 11.50 across farm lands towards Winters.

Another view of the farm land being set up for row crops.

Some sort of neat looking twig.

Mustard seed blossoms.

Looking south about MP 12.00. Look how effective the weed spraying program works here.

Pear orchard on the west side of the tracks about MP 12.00.

Looking south at MP 13.50.

On the west side of the tracks about MP 13.75 a field of waving grain.

End of the line at Hood Franklin Road about MP 15.50. Weed Chief Mike saved the poppies.

Looking north at our Trusty Motor Car at MP 15.50.