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Our beautiful Flag!

Lifting the old Instrument House

Setting the Instrument House on the trailer for transport to Signal Shop

Where the house was and the case will be

8:48 AM - Ron the Trucker arrives with new case

The new Instrument Case takes a ride

Railway Signal Construction personnel getting ready to set the case on foundation

Getting the case ready for final lift. That's Don on the right

Ron the Safetran Trucker about to leave about 9:20 AM. He's our Favorite Trucker!

Setting the case on the foundation

Don of RSC staring to terminate the 66 conductors

Misha of RSC installing batteries

Don finally got a chair.... Not one conductor had to be changed after Don installed it! That is terrific planning

Misha for RSC securing the case to the foundation

Signal Engineer Dale and Don implementing 10-Year Insulation Tests

Don on the Cant cleaning a jury light

Don loves doing this!

Paul took this picture and asked Dale what his favorite part of the project was.

SSRR Capitol Mall Project Manager Paul and Don the president of RSC Corp

Front of the finished product with doors open

Rear of finished product with doors open

Here is a view of the case and the power pedestal